Playing Time Policy



  •  We will make an effort to ensure that All kids will play in all games, unless there are extenuating circumstances.  However, equal playing time is not guaranteed, particularly at the A1 and B1 boys levels.
  • Practice and attitude matter.  Players who attend practice, work hard, and follow the Code of Conduct will receive ample playing time.  Players who do not attend every practice, do not show up on time, do not try their hardest, and do not show respect for coaches, officials, opponents, and teammates will not get as much playing time.
  • The league we play in is a “travel” league, so the level of competition is higher than what you would find in a “shirt” league.  As such, there is generally a correlation between ability and playing time.  In other words, the stronger lacrosse players will usually see more playing time.  However, kids can more than make up for ability with effort and attitude.  We follow a straight-forward equation:
Attendance + Effort + Attitude+ Ability = Playing Time
(Notice that ability is only one of four elements that determine playing time)
  • Game circumstances will affect playing time.  Each game is unique, and it is up to the coaches to assess the dynamics of a game when determining playing time.  As a result, a child who sees a limited amount of playing time one week may see more the following week (and vice versa).
Overall, we want to provide all kids with the opportunity to have fun playing lacrosse, ensure that they feel they are contributing members of the their teams, and field teams that can compete within our division.  Sometimes this is a difficult balance to maintain, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact a member of the Blaze organization.